Global Furniture - Furniture Colours and Finishes

Furniture Colours

We can supply our ranges of furniture in a variety of colours. In its natural state, the Mahogany used for the indoor ranges is a soft salmon colour that lends itself well to staining. Once the furniture has been through the sanding process a woodstain is applied to the raw timber to give the base colour. Shown below are five standard colours that we have found work well and you can select your choice of these from the dropdown on the product page. If you need a specific non standard colour for your furniture we can almost certainly match your requirements - please contact us to discuss.

Please keep in mind that although the colours shown below have been scanned from the real thing, the pictures are subject to the vagaries of digital storage and transmission and may not look the same on your monitor as they do in reality. We can send actual samples for approval. Please ask for further details.

Antique Yew

antique yew colour

Antique Mahogany

antique mahogany colour

Victorian Mahogany

victorian mahogany colour

Dark Red Mahogany

dark red mahogany colour

Dark Mahogany

dark mahogany colour


Furniture Finishes

Once the piece has been given a base colour it is ready for finishing. The finish is applied on top of the colour to seal it in and to protect the furniture throughout its life. Different finishes and techniques can change the appearance of the piece. All our stock furniture is finished to a 'Satin' gloss level, but we can finish to any gloss level to order.
Our finishing team has many years experience of working with different materials and finishes, and if you have a specific requirement or application we are happy to discuss.
As with the colours, it isn't possible to show these finishes to best effect with a small picture on a computer monitor but we can supply actual samples at your request. Below are brief descriptions and a link to a larger photo. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.


Standard Finish

Standard Finish

This is a furniture industry standard finish which is suitable for most normal domestic applications. The piece will have an even colour across it which will tend to give it a look and feel that would perhaps suit a more modern, contemporary setting.


Antique Distressed

Antique Distressed Finish

Using natural materials, the well kept tricks of the antique fakers and a subtle hand applied process we can give the furniture an aged apperance that, for example, might help it to look more at home in a period setting. This aged, antiqued look is very effective on the nicer pieces of Reproduction furniture with carved details but will also enhance the plainer pieces and budget ranges.

Classic Finish

Classic Finish

This finish is mainly aimed at commercial work where high durability or a particular effect is required. It is a multi layer high build high depth finish that can be used with gloss levels from matt through to a full gloss and can be further worked to closely approximate a French polished finish if required.

Antique Painted

Antique Painted Finish

Working with colour can transform a piece of furniture. We then use tradional finishing techniques such as crackle finish and glazes on top of the colour layer to antique and age the painted surface. Very effective and quite economical.


Gilded Finish

Using either real Gold or Dutch metal, and full or partial gilt. We can also antique the gold to give it some age. This looks great on mirror frames, and is very effective in combination with the Antique Distressed finish.