Woven Furniture - Rattan Cane Water Hyacinth Seagrass Banana Fibre

This is the showroom for our woven products. The materials fall into 4 groups: Rattan, Water Hyacinth, Sea Grass, and Banana Fibre. The products are also separated into 4 main headings: Sofas, Easy Chairs, Dining Chairs and Accessories - the links on the left or the images just below will take you to these areas of the web site.


rattan easy chairs

Rattan Easy Chairs

The photo is a link to the area of the site with information and pictures about our range of Rattan Easy Chairs. As with the sofas the photos do not show cushions, which are included in the prices.

rattan sofas

Rattan Sofas

Click on this link for access to the Sofas pages. Cushions are included in the item prices although not yet shown with the item. Fabric selection is not currently live - contact us for further information.

rattan accessories

Rattan Accessories

In here are links to the accessories section. Included in this area of the web site are Coffee Tables, Stools and Dining Tables.

rattan dining chairs

Rattan Dining Chairs

Several pages of dining chairs can be accessed via this image link. Loose seat pads are included in the prices. A variety of fabrics are available.


Most of the products can be ordered in any of the materials, so if you see a chair which is to your liking we will almost certainly be able to produce it in several variations of material and with a choice of weave patterns, colours and finishes. Further information about the materials is available via the photo links further down the page. If you would like to discuss the options please do not hesitate to contact us.

Teak Root Furniture

Rattan Furniture

Rattan models are made from a combination of rattan core and rattan peel according to the model. The frame can be rattan core or a timber framework or a combination of these. Upholstery webbing is incorporated into seat areas. Cushions and fabrics are supplied to your specification. The rattan itself can be coloured or stained and finished in a variety of different finishes including antique effect and colour washes.

Teak Root Furniture

Water Hyacinth Furniture

Water Hyacinth is a natural material which grows in abundance in lakes and open waterways across much of Asia. To produce the material used for weaving into furniture the water hyacinth is first harvested and then plaited into lengths which can be worked by creative crafts people into inspired designs. As with the rattan furniture the material can be stained or coloured to great effect.

Teak Root Furniture

Seagrass Furniture

Sea grass is slightly more expensive than the other materials in this section but it does have better durability. Sea grass can be coloured if required. Frames and upholstery options are as the Rattan Furniture or Water Hyacinth Furniture. Timber frames are normaly in either Teak or Mahogany to suit the model and your market.

Teak Root Furniture

Banana Fibre Furniture

Again a natural which is to be found in abundance in Indonesia. The outer layers of the Banana plant are peeled away and twisted and plaited into a long length which can woven in a similar manner to water hyacinth or rattan. Framework is usually made of rattan or solid timber depending on the model.